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      Enjoy added convenience with Sears built-in microwaves

      Some of the most desirable small kitchen appliances we carry are our built-in and countertop microwaves. These handy appliances are amazing in the way they can thoroughly cook food in a fraction of the time of traditional cooking methods. Microwaving your food is an enormous time saver, and food is prepared quickly and safely while still retaining the full flavor and texture of foods that take longer to cook. Another benefit to enjoy when using Sears small countertop microwaves is that they fit nicely under cabinets or on a shelf. Microwave meals from scratch or reheat leftovers in seconds. You also can thaw and cook frozen foods in mere minutes. Our brand-name microwaves enhance your kitchen layout and save time, and they are cost-efficient appliances. Sears has a generous selection of microwaves in all sizes to fit any kitchen or office lunch room. If you are remodeling, consider adding a built-in microwave or small countertop microwave to the kitchen for added value, convenience and cooking fun.

      Now is the perfect time to get even more enjoyment from your microwave cooking experience with Sears microwave accessories. Our line of microwave accessories includes cooking aides, unit replacement parts and designer colored accessories. Change the look of your microwave to match a redecorated room by replacing the exterior with a new colored or metal cabinet. Use cooking accessories to expand your cooking capability. Build up an accessory bundle of egg cookers, potato bakers, microwave-safe bowls, pots and pans. Use trim kits to freshen up your durable existing microwave. Our brand-name microwaves are built to last, and many accessories can add even more use to the life of your home or office microwave. Sears has a complete line of hundreds of exciting microwave accessories. Many are suitable for gift-giving to friends or family on special occasions like weddings or showers. Cooking is an art; Sears microwave accessories are the added touches that help you create a greater assortment of goodies.

      Sears has many varieties of breadmakers that are easy to use and quick to clean. There is nothing like the aroma of fresh-baked bread to perk up appetites, especially if you are getting fancy by adding fruits or nuts to the mix. Sears high quality breadmakers do the hard work for you, with special kneading paddles and baking options. Some machines have programmable timers, so you can have fresh bread waiting for you at any set time. Other models let you do the kneading and are bake-only models. Many parts are removable, making it easy to create a variety of foods. We also stock replacement parts to keep your machines in tip-top shape. Waffle makers are another Sears favorite that has many options. Create fluffy Belgian waffles or use a standard waffle machine for traditional thin waffles. Bake just the amount you need at one time; decorative gaps make it easy to break your waffles into quarters for fancy desserts or smaller appetites. Choose single, double or 4-slice models or be daring and try our breakfast waffle maker with interchangeable and removable plates to create your entire meal in one machine. When youre ready for a new culinary adventure, start with one of our Sears breadmakers or waffle makers. We ship right to your home or office when you order your new small kitchen appliances and accessories from Sears online.


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