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Mix, knead and stir with stand mixers

Whether you're baking cupcakes for the kids' next school party, making homemade ice cream for dessert or mixing muffin batter for breakfast, a mixer can simplify any task. Instead of hand-beating eggs for a meringue or slowly churning away in the mixing bowl, you can use an electric hand or stand mixer. At Sears, you can find a variety of electric mixers to accommodate all of your culinary needs, whether you're performing simple kitchen tasks or baking elaborate creations.

Stand mixers offer the most versatility when you're cooking and baking. With a variety of inserts and attachments, your stand mixer can become an ice cream maker, grinder, juicer and many other convenient small appliances. You can get more versatility in one purchase with the best stand mixers.

Hand mixers are easy to use and have a variety of settings to mix, whip and beat quickly and efficiently. You can whisk eggs, mash potatoes and mix cake batter in a matter of seconds. With removable beaters and an easy-to-store body, this small appliance is perfect for kitchens without the space to store a full-size stand mixer. At Sears, you can find the electric mixers that you need to create delicious meals, tasty pastries and more.

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