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Do more in the kitchen with a versatile stand mixer

No matter what recipe you're planning, a mixer can help you get the best results. Hand mixing can be tedious when you're trying to stir up thicker and tougher bread dough recipes. It's easy to miss small lumps of unmixed flour or butter in hand-mixed batter and end up with an uneven result from the oven. Electric mixers ensure consistency every time. A stand mixer from Sears can handle these tasks while you work on other parts of the meal.

Baking is a fun and relaxing kitchen activity, whether you're improving your skills as a hobby or creating treats to share with others. With a mixer, you won't need to strain your arm constantly stirring dough and batter. A hand mixer is great for simple jobs, and can be stored away easily when space is at a premium. A countertop stand mixer is great for taking on more advanced recipes. The sturdy design eliminates the mess of using a handheld mixer and mixing bowl.

A stand mixer is a great investment that can expand the possibilities of your kitchen. Not only does it have enough power to take on any recipe, it can also be expanded to handle a wide range of other culinary tasks. You can replace the standard beater with a whisk or bread hook to handle light ingredients like eggs or knead tough bread dough alike. You can make much more than batter for baking in the mixing bowl as well. When you don't want to fire up the oven during the hot summer months, try using the whisk to whip up whipped cream for cool treats like ice cream or fruit, or mix up the batter for some no-bake cookies.

Most stand mixers also allow attachments on the top of the machine that greatly expand its possibilities. Try a pasta roller to make pasta from scratch. A citrus juicer attachment will get fresh orange juice on the table in the morning without the need for a juicer on the countertop. Slicers and grinders can take on many of the capabilities of a food processor. They can slice, shred and grate up meat, vegetable and cheeses. Follow this up by making homemade sausage at the mixer using the sausage stuffer attachment.

A stand mixer can easily take the place of many other appliances on your countertop. With just a few attachments, you can make tasty recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with the usual baked treats. You can find a useful mixer in almost any color to suit your kitchen. Pick one up from Sears and start enjoying the creative possibilities.


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