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      Enjoy festive fun with specialty kitchen appliances

      Whether you're readying refreshments for a large gathering or making some classic fare with your family at home, specialty appliances from Sears let you make unusual treats that wouldn't otherwise be possible in the kitchen.

      If you're planning a large gathering like an office party, school fundraiser or family reunion, you'll need appliances that can serve a much bigger audience than your usual kitchen tools. You can find specialty items like old-fashioned movie theater-style popcorn makers and cotton candy machines that will bring a fun atmosphere to any event while serving a crowd. Pick up an ice maker that can cool off enough drinks for everyone so you don't need to run to the freezer or rely on a cooler.

      You can also pick up unique kitchen specialties that will let you make dishes and desserts similar to your favorite store and restaurant brands at home. Pick up a water carbonator to make your own sodas and sparkling water. The cost of buying these beverages can add up week after week, so start saving money and make your favorite flavors exactly the way you like them at home. Add a water filter to your home to replicate the clean, crisp taste of bottled water to ensure your creations come out perfectly. You won't need to rely on trips to the grocery to stock your home with great beverages.

      Enjoy making surprising desserts in your home with kitchen specialties. With easy-to-use countertop appliances like chocolate, cupcake and yogurt makers, you can skip going out for these treats and enjoy making them with your family right at home. Kids will enjoy these colorful appliances, and their small countertop size makes it easy for everyone to join on prep work safely and watch as the ingredients cook up. Instead of going out for expensive specialty desserts, try turning making them into a special event in your own kitchen. Let the kids help pick out the dinnerware and set the table when your treats are complete for an event that involves the whole family from start to finish.

      Whether you're recreating fairway favorites for a big group or finding a new approach to fun family mealtimes in the kitchen, you can find a specialty appliance from Sears to help you with the task. These unique kitchen items are great conversation starters that will add fun to any setting.


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