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      Create effortless meals with slow cookers and steamers

      A slow cooker or steamer will open up plenty of delicious possibilities for your kitchen. You can make the usual soups or rice dishes in these appliances, and also discover plenty of unexpected recipes for almost any cuisine. They're particularly useful if you're on a busy schedule. Load up your ingredients in the morning, set the cooking time, and you can come home to warm, complete meals. Browse Sears' selection of rice makers and slow cookers and heat up a great dish.

      If you love dishes like stew, chili or barbecue, a slow cooker is the perfect way to enjoy your favorites at home. Slow cookers slowly warm dishes over time. Steam released from cooking is trapped inside, helping to tenderize meat dishes and warm soups and liquids without burning. The longer cooking process means plenty of flavors are released from marinades and spices. You don't need to stir delicate dishes on the cooktop or wait for the oven timer to prevent food from burning. Just set your cooking time before you head out for the day or while you enjoy relaxing at home. When the cooking is done, a warming mode activates to keep everything ready until your meal is served.

      While slow cookers are typically associated with soups and roasts, you can create almost any kind of dish in these convenient appliances. Cakes, cobblers and bread slowly bake up without burned edges. Just whip up some batter in your mixer and you can come home in a few hours to moist dessert treats. You can make tender and flavorful corn on the cob or even layer in pasta sheets for lasagnas. Clean up is just as easy, since most of our models have removable interior pots that can go right into the dishwasher.

      Rice makers and steamers can handle almost as many recipes and dishes as a slow cooker. With similar cook time and warming features, you can have rice waiting for you when you get home. You won't need to wait for the water to heat up or spend your time watching the pot to make sure it's not boiling over. You can steam veggies for a healthy topping, or get creative and make pastas or even cakes. It's also great for cooking other grains like quinoa or couscous so they come out just as tender and flavorful as your favorite rice varieties.

      Slow cookers and steamers are an easy way to enjoy any kind of meal even when your schedule doesn't allow for much cooking time. Pick one up and enjoy coming home to a hot meal any time.


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