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Create convenient snacks and meals with toasters and toaster ovens

When you're short on time and you're looking for a snack or a small meal with a little more flavor than the typical microwave dish, a toaster or toaster oven can be the perfect solution. Toasters are the ideal way to heat up crisp bread or bagels for breakfast while you wrap up your other morning tasks. A toaster oven can warm up appetizers, snacks, and meals for one or two with a flavorful grilled taste. Shop the selection at Sears to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Even if you're a seasoned chef with a large complement of cookware, you'll be able to find plenty of unique uses for your toaster oven. While a full meal heats up on the range, try to prepare a light appetizer like a flatbread or quesadilla in the toaster oven. It will be ready in just a few minutes for everyone to snack on while they wait for the next course.

Toasters and toaster ovens are also great additions to any smaller kitchen. If you're short on space and can't fit a full oven in, they'll give you more options than just a microwave or hot plate. Toasting bread in a pan often takes a little extra butter or oil to get just right. With a toaster, you can enjoy a healthier result. You'll also have better control over the heat level, so you can enjoy your favorites just the way you want them. With additional features like a four-slot toaster, you can make enough for everyone while you get your day going.

A toaster oven with a transparent door gives you extra control over recipes for small meals and sides. You can easily see how your food is progressing without opening the oven door and letting out a blast of heat. This is especially convenient in the height of summer, when you might want to enjoy your favorite warm dishes without having to turn up the air conditioner after you cook. Try unusual recipes like homemade croutons or loaded baked potatoes and enjoy the unique versatility of this appliance.

Whether you're supplementing a fully-equipped kitchen or adding some new functionality to a small space, a toaster oven or toaster can be the perfect fit for your home. Shop the selection at Sears and find the right match for your cooking style.

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