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      Build the perfect wine closet with a wine refrigerator from Sears

      While a mini fridge is great for beer, soft drinks and wine, it's not an ideal way to store your wine collection. The difference between a mini fridge and wine cooler is that a wine cooler controls the humidity within itself, so corks don't dry out and air can still seep into bottles. Also, you can set the temperature of a wine refrigerator specifically for your wine types. Some fridges even come with dual temperature cooling sections so you can set two different temperatures appropriate for your wines.

      Replace the decorative wine rack with a new wine cooler refrigerator. Smaller wine chillers can sit on countertops or bar tops whereas larger chillers can sit beneath a counter. Sears has a broad range of wine closet sizes to suit any wine lover's collection. Once you choose a wine cooler, be sure to set the temperature to about 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit for red wines and 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit for whites. If you're keeping both your red and white bottles at the same temperature, 54 degrees Fahrenheit is a good middle ground.

      Sears' makes it easy to find the wine cellars that fit best for your collection and home. Shop our selection to start keeping your wines chilled the right way.


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