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Classy Wine Servers Will Impress Your Guests

Count on Sears to provide the best appliances and accessories for entertaining your guests. If you want wine servers in your entertainment area for convenience and efficiency, look over our wide selection of wine coolers and beverage centers. For chilly evenings and morning wake-up calls, we have hot beverage dispensers, coffee makers and tea kettles. Your kids and friends will enjoy the convenience of cold water dispensers in your rec room or on your kitchen counter top. For the family on the go, look at our selection of portable coolers and insulated carrying bags.

We have water coolers and dispensers for every situation. Choose one of our 5-gallon hot and cold water dispensers to stand in the corner of your kitchen or informal dining area corner, or pick one of our smaller-capacity counter-top dispensers. Put one in your rec room or office too. You and your family can enjoy the convenience and taste of bottled water without the wasted packaging of small disposable bottles. We have faucet-mount filtration systems and counter-top filter pitchers for economically purifying your tap water.

Think about putting a beverage refrigerator in your kids' rec room or TV room, so they don't have to open your refrigerator door every time they want a drink. With our glass-door models, they can decide what cool beverage they want without holding the door open while they think about it, so you will save a little money on your energy bills. Our beverage coolers come in a range of sizes, including one that holds 150 cans, so you don't have to worry about refilling it very often. The sleek stainless steel and glass designs add an elegant touch to your home decor, or you can pick decorative cabinets boasting brands such as Coca-Cola in their designs.

If you entertain frequently or appreciate a collection of fine wines, you may decide to put one of our wine chillers or beverage centers in your party room or wine cellar. We have wine chillers for a single bottle or units that can hold up to 150 bottles. Along with on-the-spot wine storage for convenient serving, you could also get one of our keg coolers or beer dispensers to keep your favorite brews cold. Sears also offers decorative wine stoppers, whimsical single-bottle wine caddies, corkscrews and other accessories for serving your guests.

Your friends will love coming to your house for parties when you outfit your home with beverage serving appliances and accessories from Sears. Come to us for the best selection of wine refrigerators, beverage centers and water coolers. Sears has what you need to keep your family and guests from going thirsty.


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