Built-in Microwaves

      Whether you're outfitting a new kitchen or upgrading appliances in your existing one, a built-in microwave may be one of the most convenient types of microwave ovens for your space. These units slide right into the wall to avoid the bulkiness and lost space that comes with a countertop microwave. Because you can mount them at any height, built-in microwave ovens allow you to truly personalize your kitchen for cooking comfort. They also blend seamlessly with your kitchen; no matter your decor, you'll find the right model to perfectly match your existing kitchen.

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      Enjoy added convenience with built-in microwaves

      One of the most efficient kitchen appliances you can purchase is a countertop or built-in microwave. These handy appliances can thoroughly cook food in a fraction of the time of traditional range-top cooking methods. Microwaving your food is an enormous time saver, and food is prepared quickly and safely while still retaining the full flavor and texture. Best of all, a built-in microwave oven fits neatly under cabinets or above a wall oven.

      Microwave meals from scratch or reheat leftovers in seconds. You also can thaw and cook frozen foods in mere minutes with brand-name, in-wall microwaves. Their sleek look can enhance your kitchen layout while they save you cooking time. Sears has an ample selection of microwaves in all sizes to fit any kitchen or office lunch room. If you are remodeling, consider adding a built-in oven and microwave combination to the kitchen for added value, convenience and cooking fun.

      Our line of microwave accessories includes cooking aids, unit replacement parts and designer accessories. Build up a set of microwave tools like egg cookers, potato bakers and microwave-safe cookware. Soon you'll be cooking anything you like in your convenient built-in microwave.


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