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Discover easier cooking with countertop microwaves and accessories

Even the most experienced cook likes the shortcuts in food preparation time you get with Sears countertop microwaves and the extra savings possible when you order our small kitchen appliance bundles. It really helps if the cook enjoys cooking, but having these time savers in the kitchen can boost that satisfaction even higher. Our small kitchen appliance bundles are thoughtfully prepared to bring you brand-name machines including countertop microwaves, accessories and food preparation and serving tools. Try a bundle of Cuisinart machines that are color-matched to fit your kitchen decorative scheme. One bundle features their mini-prep chopper with a handheld blender and toaster in tangerine colors. We have many such bundles that include all the fast food preparation appliances that make cooking quick and easy. Mixing, blending, chopping, grilling and cooking are a breeze to do. Youll love all the extra time you have for enjoying your party and guests. Order online for fast delivery or come into your nearest Sears to pick up your favorites.

If a countertop microwave seems to be bulky and takes up too much valuable counter space in your kitchen, there is a simple solution at Sears. Our built-in microwaves can be installed below cabinets, over a kitchen island or above your range. This provides the best answer to a limited countertop space problem, and you still have the speed and convenience of a fast-cooking microwave. Some models include a handy warming drawer, lights and digital clock timers. A high-speed oven combination microwave is multipurpose, offering you capabilities for baking, browning, grilling and roasting. Our Kenmore brand now offers the Elite, a built-in convection microwave with style. Traditional wall built-ins are always in fashion and save precious kitchen space for other projects. Sears always is the best place to find what you need for your home. We are pleased to offer you this wide range of built-in microwave models, along with mounting kits and accessories that help make your cooking faster and easier.

Once you have the perfect microwave selection, be sure to order additional microwave accessories to complement your choice. Everyone knows you cannot use metal in a microwave, so Sears carries a broad selection of alternatives for food preparation and storage. Take foods right out of the freezer and into the microwave with our microwave-safe covered food storage containers. You can fix difficult foods like eggs perfectly in your microwave if you have the right egg cup or poacher accessories from Sears. Browning trays and covered grilling pans are accessories that bring you speedy cooking with less mess than you find with traditional ovens. Sears also has replacement and decorative trim parts for most models we sell. Enhance your cooking ability with microwave accessories, and get fast delivery or visit any Sears store to pick up your orders.

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