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Save kitchen space with over-the-range microwaves

Adding easy to use appliances to your kitchen speeds up food preparation time and takes the hassle out of cleanup. Whether you're an accomplished home chef or prefer to warm up frozen meals in the microwave, your kitchen can benefit from an over-the-range microwave that conveniently combines a range hood and a microwave. Sears offers these appliances and more, so you can outfit your kitchen just the way you want. Browse our huge selection of over-range microwaves to find the convenient cooking option that's right for your kitchen.

Cooking requires time and effort, so anything you can do to make it easier is a big help. Microwave accessories ensure that your over the stove microwave performs at its best on those nights when time is tight. Microwave-safe dishes are a must when preparing meals and sides. Special steamer baskets make cooking vegetables a breeze, while to-go containers made from safe materials let you heat up leftovers without worrying.

Outfitting your kitchen with appliances and accessories that cut down on the amount of time you have to spend on meals gives you more time with your family. Shop Sears for over the stove microwaves and more to create an efficient, attractive kitchen space.

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