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      Save Kitchen Space with Over the Range Microwaves

      Adding accessories to your kitchen speeds food preparation time and takes the hassle out of cleanup. Whether you're an accomplished home chef or prefer to warm up frozen meals in the microwave, your kitchen can benefit from over the range microwaves, range accessories and other useful tools. Sears offers these and more, so you can outfit your kitchen just the way you want. If you're not sure how to buy a microwave, browse our huge selection of over the range microwaves to find the convenient cooking option that's right for your kitchen.

      Microwave accessories ensure that your microwave oven performs at its best on those nights when time is tight. Microwave-safe dishes are a must when preparing meals and sides. Special steamer baskets make cooking vegetables a breeze while to-go containers made from safe materials let you heat up leftovers without worrying. If you use your microwave a lot, it's important to make sure that the filter is clean and functional. Replacement filters help to ensure that grease and other byproducts of cooking are properly vented. Keep an eye on microwave performance or check with the manufacturer to guarantee that filters are changed when they should be. When changing the filter, you can also change the look of your microwave with a custom trim kit. Lighten up with white or stainless steel, or try black trim for a bold look that complements any kitchen.

      Keeping steam, smoke and grease at a minimum while you're cooking saves on cleanup time later. Range hoods are made to be installed directly above your stove or range and act as vents, either pulling air through a filter with a fan or exhausting it through your ductwork. Wall- and roof-vented models are also available to pull unpleasant cooking odors and other byproducts out of the kitchen.

      In addition to hoods, you can purchase other range ad-ons such as warming drawers. If you've ever cooked the perfect meal and then watched it go cold while your family struggled to peel themselves away from individual activities, you know how helpful these accessories can be. By keeping foods warm at low temperatures and utilizing built-in humidity controls, warming drawers ensure that anything you cook will still be edible when your family or guests arrive at the table. Choose from standard white or black colors to match your range or stainless steel for a sleek look. Warming drawers with wooden fronts blend in with kitchen cabinets for a natural appearance. Holding drawers offer the same functionality without the hassle of installation. These freestanding accessories hold your food until serving time, keeping it from going bad.

      Cooking requires time and effort, so anything you can do to make it easier is a big help. Outfitting your kitchen with appliances and accessories that cut down on the amount of time you have to spend on meals gives you more time to spend with your family. Shop at Sears for microwave accessories, range ad-ons and more to create an efficient, attractive kitchen space.


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