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      From defrosting meat and cooking frozen dinners to boiling water and melting butter, microwaves are the ultimate all-purpose appliance. These modern marvels have the latest features to cook your food faster and provide you with a variety of settings to prepare the best meals. Instead of spending time pre-heating the oven or turning on the stove, you can reheat leftovers, cook a quick meal or warm ingredients for a recipe with ease in your microwave oven. Whether you're looking for a conventional or convection microwave at Sears, find plenty of options to choose from in order to find the perfect rapid-cooking appliance for your kitchen.

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      Microwaves provide convenience and efficiency in the kitchen

      When it comes to decking your kitchen with the best appliances, you'll want a long-lasting microwave to complete the hub of your home. Even if your stovetop and oven are your primary culinary appliances, there's no better way to prep food fast than with a microwave. From conventional to convection microwaves, the culinary possibilities are endless.

      You'll find a variety of microwave models and designs to accommodate your kitchen at Sears. Top brands and designs such as the GE Spacemaker Microwave and a variety of Samsung microwaves can provide years of reliable cooking in any space. Countertop microwaves allow for easy installation and accessibility in the kitchen, but you can also find ranges and ovens with attached microwaves. Installing a combination wall oven and microwave or a range with an over-the-stove microwave can save countertop space for other small kitchen appliances.

      The kitchen is an oft-frequented space in your home, so you want to make sure that you've got the appliances that suit your needs. The best microwave choice for your kitchen will depend on your space and personal preferences. Whether you store it on your countertop, on a microwave cart or built into the wall, your microwave oven is sure to be one of the most convenient appliances in your kitchen.



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