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      Electrolux Downdraft Range Hoods

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      Refresh your kitchen with downdraft range hoods

      Whether you want to install a new range but can't find room for an overhead hood, or you're tired of smoke and cooking odors filling the air in your kitchen, a downdraft range hood can be a convenient way to get all the benefits of a range hood without adding an obtrusive installation to your ceiling or wall.

      Downdraft range hoods can change the way you cook. With overhead range hoods, smoke, steam and other emissions from cooking rise upwards before they are captured and vented away by the range hood. This can be more than enough opportunity for these fumes to fill the kitchen with unpleasant odors or become a nuisance to the cook standing at the stove. Downdraft ventilation pulls smoke away towards a vent system installed at the back of the range. Cooking odors are pulled away from cookware and don't have the chance to rise up into your kitchen air, meaning you can cook any dish in greater comfort.

      Many wall-mounted range hoods require special cleaning and maintenance, such as cleaning or changing filters and cleaning inside the ducts. It can be a difficult and time-consuming task to get access to the range hood and take care of all the needed maintenance. With a downdraft range hood you won't need a stepladder or any other special preparations. The downdraft ventilation system is easily accessible behind your range where it's simple to wipe down and clean.

      You can include downdraft ventilation in any kitchen design. They are a great option if you're moving into a new home or renovating an older building. Planning for an overhead range hood can severely limit your options for where to place an oven or cooktop, and it can overwhelm the overall look of your kitchen. A stovetop with a downdraft hood can be placed in almost any location, and has a low profile that doesn't stand out or clash with your decor. Telescoping models tuck away when not in use so you can completely hide the range hood when you want.

      Get total control over how your kitchen looks with a convenient downdraft range hood from Sears. Not only does it blend with any decor, it can also enhance your comfort while cooking as smoke and cooking odors are whisked away before they rise. You'll love the experience of cooking with a downdraft range hood.


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