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      Update your kitchen's style with an island range hood

      If you're designing a new home or completely remodeling your kitchen, an island is a great addition that adds counter space while preserving an open feel in the room. An island is a great spot for a cooking range, but it's also important to keep the cooking surface well-ventilated so that the room is clear of smoke and other fumes. Kitchen island ventilation is specifically designed to efficiently clear the air around island cooktops and ranges.

      An island can be a versatile spot in your kitchen that serves as extra seating, storage or prep space. It's a great space to add a cooktop that can supplement a wall oven or back up your range as a second cooking surface. Since the island is in the center of the room surrounded by a lot of open air, you'll want a powerful island range hood that is up to the task of keeping your cooking area well-ventilated from unpleasant fumes and odors.

      It might seem daunting to add kitchen island ventilation to your ceiling, especially if you already have a wall-mounted or undercabinet range hood above another stove in the room. However, the latest designs in range hoods don't have to look like bulky vents in your kitchen. You'll find range hoods with sleek lines and glass panels that create a clean, modern look. Instead of a necessary obstruction in your kitchen, these range hoods have the appeal of a light fixture and can serve as a central focal point in your decor.

      Our island range hoods include plenty of features to help you out as you cook. Many models now include lighting with multiple settings, adding visibility and a pleasant glow to the island area. Fan speeds can be controlled at the touch of a button so you can handle any extra smoke or steam when you need to. Many current models run quietly, so you can enjoy watching the television or carrying on conversation with your family while you whip up a meal, and automatic shut-off timers save you a step while you finish up meal preparation.

      Make an island range hood a centerpiece to your kitchen decor. As stylish as they are functional, they will bring together the design of your kitchen while keeping your air healthy and clean.


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