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      Ventilate any kitchen effectively with an undercabinet range hood

      Wall cabinets add convenient storage to your kitchen, but they can seem like an obstacle when you want to add an oven or cooking range. Undercabinet range hoods make it possible to keep your cabinets while getting all the convenience of a range hood.

      If you have a cooktop or stove in your home, you'll definitely want a range hood to vent away smoke and other fumes from cooking. This keeps the air in your home clean and helps pull away moisture so it doesn't settle and cause greasy residue on surfaces in your kitchen. The traditional ceiling-mounted range hood can seem like a large and obtrusive appliance for smaller kitchens. An undercabinet exhaust fan is a great option if you're trying to maximize the use of space in your kitchen. You'll keep the valuable storage space of an over-the-range cabinet while venting away emissions from cooking.

      In addition to their ventilation capabilities, undercabinet range hoods have a number of helpful features. Most models feature an oven light with multiple brightness options. This gives you better visibility while you cook, and can be particularly convenient if the placement of your undercabinet range hood would otherwise block light from reaching your stovetop. They're also handy for a little illumination late at night or early in the morning. You can use the soft lower light settings of the undercabinet light while you use a fry pan to cook up some eggs for breakfast instead of turning on harsh overhead lights first thing in the morning.

      When you're choosing an undercabinet range hood, be sure to select one that fits the size of your cooktop. In general, the range hood should be at least as large as the cooktop. Range hoods are also rated for different cubic feet per minute (CFM), indicating the maximum amount of air they can pull at the highest speed. Higher CFM units will pull more air away, which can be useful if you frequently cook larger meals that produce more smoke or fumes. However, they also use more energy and the fan is louder, so if you don't need the power, it's better to buy a less powerful unit that suits your home better. Most undercabinet exhaust fans have adjustable speeds so you can easily use more or less power depending on the kinds of meals you are cooking.

      A range hood is essential to keep your air clean and free of irritating smoke or unpleasant odors. With an undercabinet exhaust fan, you can conveniently ventilate an oven in more compact homes where kitchen space is at a premium.


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