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Range Hoods

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Find the perfect range hood for your kitchen

If you want to cook frequently on your stovetop or range, you need a range hood to keep your kitchen air clean and healthy. Range hoods ventilate your kitchen by pulling away smoke, steam and other unpleasant fumes produced by cooking before they can fill up the air in your kitchen or home. You'll enjoy a more comfortable environment as you work in the kitchen, and irritating particles and scents will be kept out of the air in your home. With these exhaust fans, no matter what kinds of meals you want to prepare, your kitchen will feel fresh and clean.

You can find an exhaust fan option that works perfectly for any kitchen setup. In more compact kitchens without overhead room for a traditional ceiling or wall mounted range hood, you may want to use an under-cabinet or downdraft system. These systems take up less space than other types and still effectively filter your air. For larger kitchens, you may want a wall-mounted exhaust fan or an attractive island range hood to handle acooktop positioned on a kitchen island.

A range hood is more than just an essential appliance. It can also be an important focal point of your kitchen decor. Wall mounted and island range hoods come in a variety of updated designs that can match any style. Try a model accented by glass panels to get the effect of a modern light fixture, or browse modern styles with clean lines that won't interrupt your space.

A downdraft range hood is a unique option that doesn't require an overhead installation. You can completely change the look of your kitchen by eliminating the typical range hood and opting for a downdraft model.  These exhaust fans pull cooking odors downward into a ventilation system in the floor. Many models retract away when not in use for a completely invisible look.  You could also try a downdraft cooktop, which comes with the ventilation system already built-in, for another unique idea in keeping your kitchen air clean.

Whether you're equipping an apartment kitchen or planning a full renovation, you can find a range hood that works for your needs at Sears. Browse our selection to find the perfect style and fit for your home.