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Sears Electric Ranges for Easy Installation and Operation

Furnishing a kitchen with the right type and style of an electric range calls for a solid understanding of choices. Even once you have decided between electric and gas ranges, Sears offering a wide range of units from which to choose, including freestanding, drop-in, slide-in or individual cooktops, and with dozens of customizable details, finding just the right combination of utility and style for a homeowner need is nearly guaranteed.

Electric range styles can vary based upon the location into which the range is intended and installation plans.

A freestanding range is probably the most flexible of the four options. With finished sides and a base with either a broiler drawer or storage, it can be installed at the end of a counter or, as the name implies, completely on its own. The stove generally is atop a windowed oven. Sizes range from 24 inches to as large as 40, which can accommodate a smaller, separate side-by-side oven for cooking at different temperatures. Controls are almost always on the unit backsplash.

Drop-in ranges are at the opposite end of the placement spectrum. These ovens use a front panel in the style of the cabinets to make a uniform front across the kitchen, an aspect that does require custom cabinetry. Dials are on the front of the machine, just above the handle to the oven.

Slide-in ranges can be fitted into an existing gap between countertops. The sides are grooved for alignment and overhanging lips on the top of the range appears as a natural part of the kitchen. They also feature a drawer or warming drawer under the oven and the controls are on the front. Some manufacturers of this style create double ovens with an upper and lower bake area.

Electric cooktops can be installed on top of an oven or directly on the countertop. Think you're stuck with the standard four-burner gas cooktop? Think again. Sizes range from a single energy-efficient burner to a 36-inch width. The cooking surface itself is either induction, radian or coil-based. There is also the option of a downdraft fan for venting purposes.

After deciding which style best fits the needs of the kitchen, there are many smaller decisions to make. How important are removable knobs? Which safety features are critical: automatic shutoff, heat indicators, and lockable controls? Some models feature as many as five burners, while others offer more delicate control over temperatures. Or do you want to try a dual-fuel range, which gives you the option of both electric and gas? Choices and options abound.

Electric ranges are available in stainless steel, or in glass/ceramic finishes in black or white. After considering the look of the kitchen, the amount of time spent cleaning, and the meals most likely to be prepared, a savvy shopper can compare features and styles to find the perfect match to your existing cabinets and hood.

Sears offers accessories and accompanying appliances for your new electric range as well. Another electrical option is a brand name microwave from Sears. Microwaves are quick and easy for small entrees that will compliment your electric range.

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