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      Gas Ranges in Popular Brands from Sears Appliances

      Shoppers in the market for a new gas range will have plenty of fun exploring their options. Whether stainless or porcelain, slide-in or freestanding, there are gas ranges available at Sears to fit any style without sacrificing the control you get from more-expensive electric ranges or cooktops.

      Before beginning a search for a gas range, it's important to understand some of the lingo. A slide-in range has raised edges, meaning it can be fitted over existing cabinets and countertops during installation. A freestanding range has finished sides and can be placed almost anywhere, since these ovens push all the way back to the wall for ultimate convenience. A less common choice is a drop-in oven, designed for use in a custom-built kitchen.

      The latest gas ranges include convection ovens that use fans to surround food with heat to cook meals from all sides. Many models boast a self-cleaning function to save owners the effort of scrubbing. Other options include drawers, food temperature probes and halogen lights to illuminate the interior of the oven. All of these elements can be mixed and matched in a variety of combinations. Dual-fuel ranges are available for chefs who want to have both gas and electric. Below are a few options for shoppers with a wide range of priorities.

      If price is a concern, basic ranges fulfill all the requirements of the average home cook without any unnecessary frills. The Galaxy 30'' range is available for just over $250. Instead of sealed burners, the Galaxy uses the more traditional variety that can be easily removed for cleaning. Although the oven door lacks a window, a broiler drawer encourages more even cooking. By sacrificing some of the bells and whistles, Galaxy is able to offer a large and affordable gas range.

      For busy chefs more concerned with function than style, GE and several other manufacturers offer a compact double-convection oven with a gas cooktop. With five burners and three oven racks, a resourceful Thanksgiving host could make the pies, the turkey, the potatoes and the green beans, plus boil water for tea, all at the same time. The capacity is 6.7 cubic feet and the large amount of space for culinary mastery makes all the difference when preparing a meal for a group.

      Among the more high-end models is Kenmore's 30" Slide-In Gas Range in Stainless Steel. It features sealed burners equipped with patented Turbo Boil elements to speed up cooking time. The design is minimalist and modern with no backsplash or raised edges; just a sleek, interconnected stovetop with electronic controls for precision cooking.

      Some of the other features in Sears' top-rated ranges include easy-to-set electric controls, dishwasher-safe cooktop grates and an included non-stick griddle for warming dishes or making pancakes. Most models are available in white, black, stainless steel, or that popular creamy beige color known as bisque, so they can be matched to any cabinets or hoods. And don't forget the accessories to go with your range, to keep it working like new.


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