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Kitchen Ranges of all Styles and Color from Sears Appliances

Experienced cooks know that it's extremely important cook over the best stove, cooktop or range you can afford. Whether you prefer cooking with gas or electric power, we have a raange that will be just right for your needs. Combine with your traditional stove or use it exclusively; a range gives you added cooking space and control. These cooktops offer many desirable features, such as downdraft fans, sealed gas burners that are simple to wipe clean and removable grates for easy cleaning. It is easy to get a large meal ready with a four- or five-burner cooktop; new designs and colors will also look great in your kitchen. Order online for delivery or opt for pickup at your local Sears and start cooking in style.

Another convenience you want to add to your kitchen is one of our warming drawers. These handy small kitchen accessories help you get meals together on time. Go ahead and bake those buns, knowing you can keep them toasty warm in your warming drawer. Some models are meant for countertop use or are contained within a range hood while others can be mounted under a cabinet or over your stove. A few microwaves are also available that have attached warming drawers. KitchenAid has a special-order warming drawer that can be used as a slow cooker. There are many uses for a warming drawer, including getting plates or serving platters nicely warmed before use. Sometimes your dinners get delayed because guests arrive late. When you have the use of warming drawers, your hot meal can be held at serving temperatures until your guests are ready to dine. Check out our catalog of warming drawers now, and be sure to get one delivered before your next party. You can count on Sears to have the best small kitchen appliances you need for all occasions.

Many businesses shop Sears for their commercial grade appliances to put in their kitchens, lunch rooms or break rooms. Sometimes people also prefer to have a heavy duty, larger kitchen appliance in their homes if they do a lot of entertaining. Commercial grade appliances like ice makers, coffee makers and electric slicers are found in many office break rooms and lunch rooms, where demand for coffee and iced drinks is higher than average. With a large coffee urn, you can make up to 100 cups at one time. Larger capacity commercial machines are a cost-efficient way to serve guests and employees and they require less attention than smaller units. Caterers are another group of chefs who like to use our commercial-grade kitchen appliances at social gatherings and events. Shop Sears for the best kitchen appliances for home or business use. We are ready and able to deliver to your office door or residence if you prefer that over store pickup.

It's not always simple to find the best stove for your kitchen, but the wide selection of cooking ranges and stoves available at Sears makes it easy to find a range to fit your kitchen's layout and decor. Install a new kitchen range and get cooking today.

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