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Find compact refrigerators with the Sears refrigerator advisor

Given the number of models, styles and features available in refrigerators, selecting the right refrigerator for your home may seem like an enormous task. Using the handy refrigerator advisor, Sears makes it simple to find a refrigerator for any setting, home or office. Merely click on your preferences on the display options, and you will be directed to your ideal refrigerator.

A leading consideration is the size of space that you have dedicated for your refrigerator. An ill-fitting refrigerator can make daily use uncomfortable and awkward. Using a large refrigerator for a small family can consume unnecessary energy and lead to extra power costs. Families with limited space will find side-by-side refrigerators convenient. These types of refrigerators work best for a kitchen with limited room as they occupy the least space with the doors open. Whether for large-scale or small-scale use, Energy Star qualified refrigerators use at least 20 percent less energy than non-qualified models. Therefore, whether your refrigerator is for your work or your home, you can save money on your utility bill.

Other aspects of your lifestyle also determine the type of refrigerator you will want. Compact refrigerators like the Kenmore 4.3 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator and KitchenAid 5.1 cu. ft. Double-Drawer Refrigerator are scaled-down models and are ideal for dorm rooms, small basement living and other narrow spaces. These models are the most affordable type of refrigerators, and their lightweight, compressed statures make them easy to maneuver. If you are looking for a refrigerator for a large family and do not want clutter, a refrigerator like Kenmore 26.7 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel is a fitting option. French door models have the refrigerator on top and a pullout drawer freezer on the bottom. These models are particularly energy efficient because the doors open separately, helping to reduce your energy costs. These types of units enable easy access to the fresh-food compartments and main refrigerator area. They also facilitate organization with their designated compartments. Some models feature multiple freezer drawers or options to regulate the temperature to make it a freezer or fridge depending on your needs.

Beverage centers offer an exclusive tool to house and chill your beverages. Designed to keep bottled and canned beverages at ideal temperatures, these specialty brew coolers are practical, innovative and sleek. Options like a thermo-electric wine cooler and GE beverage center have optimum visibility to display your beverage collection while helping avoid undue opening and closing of the doors to see inventory. If you really want a beverage center but lack space, consider the Electrolux under-counter beverage center. If you want related accessories, refrigerator accessories like water filters will add to your refrigerator's capabilities. Among several benefits, water filters tested and certified by NFS International offer healthier, better-tasting and low-cost water as it alleviates the need to purchase bottled water.

Whether you are considering a refrigerator for personal or business use, the Sears refrigerator advisor can help you narrow your options. Shop Sears and get your refreshments cooling today.


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