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      Freezerless Refrigerators May Fit Your Needs

      A freezerless refrigerator may be just the thing you need if you have a large family or entertain frequently. The standard refrigerator with a built-in freezer compartment that you have in your kitchen now may not give you the storage space and flexibility that your lifestyle requires. Freezerless refrigerators offer more storage space and flexibility than combination fridge/freezer units and they save energy, too. Sears offers a full line of refrigerators, freezers and other cooling appliances from well-known brands, so you can mix and match to find the right combination of equipment for your refrigeration needs.

      Many restaurants and businesses use commercial refrigerators without freezer units for storing their beverages and fresh food ingredients. Freezerless refrigerators are also becoming popular for home use. Because a freezerless refrigerator does not have a freezer compartment taking up space, you will have more room for keeping your weekly groceries and party supplies fresh. With adjustable drawers and shelves, you can customize your refrigerator space so that your fresh produce and meats are easy to get to, there is shelf space for party trays and snacks, and your taller items such as milk and juice bottles have plenty of room. Besides convenience, you will also save energy, since the unit does not have to run cold enough to keep food frozen.

      It makes money-saving sense to buy in bulk and freeze food for use later, so you might decide you need a stand-alone freezer as well as your freezerless refrigerator. Sears offers models that can stand side-by-side with your refrigerator as well as more energy-efficient chest freezers for use in your garage or basement. With extra freezer space, you might want to shop for fresh produce at your local farmers' market and freeze it so your family can enjoy seasonal foods all year. Sears has freezers in several styles to meet your needs.

      Another way to make your home more convenient is to put a beverage cooler in your family recreation room or a refrigerated wine cellar in your entertainment space. Your kids will love the convenience of chilled beverages near the TV or pool table. The food in your kitchen fridge will stay fresh longer since the door won't be opened and shut as often. You and your guests will be able to grab a beer or a chilled bottle of wine without having to leave the party to go back to the kitchen to find it.

      You can count on Sears to provide all of the refrigeration appliances you need for complete home comfort and energy savings. We have a full line of energy-efficient freezerless refrigerators, freezers, refrigerator/freezers, ice makers, beverage coolers and wine cellars from the brands you trust, including Kenmore, Electrolux, Frigidaire and Whirlpool. Most of our models come in white or stainless steel, and you can find some in black to match your existing appliances and fit your tastes.


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