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LG Side-by-Side Refrigerators

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Enhance your kitchen with a stylish and practical side by side refrigerator

If you need more freezer space than a top or bottom freezer can give you, a side by side refrigerator will get the job done. These models' vertical construction allows for equal storage space for both your fridge and freezer. The smaller door radius also makes them perfect for kitchens with limited space. No matter your budget, Sears can help you find the perfect side by side fridge.

Your side by side fridge can enhance your kitchen with added style and functionality. Whether you're looking for a black side by side refrigerator or a stainless steel model, you can find one that suits any type of decor. A counter-depth side by side refrigerator will blend in with your counters for a modern, streamlined look. Sears also carries a number of models that have built-in water dispensers, so you can enjoy a fresh glass of filtered water with the push of a button. Keep this feature in top condition with the water filters we have for almost every model of fridge.

Sears is your go-to store when it comes to all your kitchen appliances. Get a quality side by side refrigerator and more to complete your cooking space.

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