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White Top Freezer Refrigerators

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Top Freezer Refrigerators Offer Ease of Use

Despite innovations in new arrangements over the past few years, top freezer refrigerators are still the favorite among most homemakers. With the freezer-over-refrigerator arrangement, you don't have to bend over to access the frozen foods and ice like you have to do to open the freezer drawer of a bottom freezer model. The freezer-under-refrigerator models may be more energy-efficient, since the colder freezer air tends to stay in the bottom of the unit, but many new top freezer refrigerators qualify for the Energy Star label for efficiency. The type of refrigerator that you buy should depend on your individual situation and your family's requirements.

Sears sells several types of refrigerators from some of the best-known brands in the appliance industry, including Kenmore, Frigidaire and Whirlpool. Most of the models are available in black, white or stainless steel finishes to match your existing kitchen decor. For an average-sized family that eats most of its meals at home, a typical top freezer refrigerator is the most common choice. To supplement freezer space, consider getting a high-capacity chest freezer for your garage or other storage area so you can take advantage of bulk pricing. If you more refrigerator space or want a more sophisticated appearance, consider a French door refrigerator.

French door refrigerators are an increasingly popular choice for modern kitchens. These units have double doors opening into side-by-side refrigerator compartments, with a freezer drawer compartment beneath the doors. This arrangement allows easier access to the various refrigerator drawers and shelves and a freezer compartment that is larger than the typical top freezer space in a standard refrigerator. The narrow doors don't stick out into your kitchen as far as a standard refrigerator door, so these units are especially desirable when floor space in the kitchen is limited. The tall refrigerator compartments allow flexibility in how you arrange drawers and shelves for your greatest convenience. Some French door refrigerators have ice and cold water dispensers built into one door, so you can get a cool drink without having to open the freezer compartment.

The refrigerators and freezers from Sears come from reliable brands that are largely maintenance-free, but we offer refrigerator parts and freezer parts for do-it-yourself repairs and accessories for customizing your refrigerator or freezer. We sell replacement shelves and drawers, electronic parts and cleaning supplies. You can buy freezer baskets to help with organizing your bulk frozen foods for easier access, or extra shelves and drawers for organizing your upright refrigerator and freezer spaces.

Let Sears supply what you need to keep fresh and frozen foods stocked and ready to prepare. Whatever style of refrigerator you choose, we have a model that is right for you and your family.

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