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Expand your wardrobe with Sears sewing equipment and supplies

Expand and protect your wardrobe with the extensive Sears line of sewing equipment, garment care products, sewing kits and supplies. Regular and proper garment care is the best way to extend the lifetime of your existing clothing and keep it looking showroom new. Using our garment care tools and accessories frequently is the best way to maintain your wardrobe and save money. Use a steamer to safely remove wrinkles from all types of materials, including your drapes and sheets. Steaming, which is safer than using an iron, can help keep your suits and dresses looking freshly pressed. For some items, however, an iron is the best tool to use. Sears has a variety of replacement buttons and other items that can also help expand and protect your wardrobe.

Sewing kits contain multiple items for added convenience. Quilting kits are available that contain the special quilt-making attachments you need for your sewing machine. Mini-kits of sewing essentials, like needles, thread and scissors, are also available in commercial packages that contain dozens of kits for resale. If your hobby is embroidery, you will want to obtain a Threadart set with 40 spools of colorful embroidery thread. Applique and felt craft kits make nice gifts to give or to use for home use. Create your own sewing accessories kit when you get a storage supplies case and fill it with the notions you need. Sears carries these and many more products that make your sewing hobby enjoyable, organized and profitable.

Quilting is a hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. When you know how to make a basic quilt, you will eventually want to venture into more intricate styles. From baby-sized to king-sized, quilts can make wonderful gifts. Some quilts feature an old-fashioned pattern and others are highly personalized, with each square custom decorated to tell a story. At Sears, you can find quilting supplies to help you with your hobby, from squares and decorative materials to a large quilt rack for storage. Use your computerized sewing machine for large jobs or to create intricate patterns that make up your quilt. A regular sewing machine is useful as an alternative for hand-stitching quilts. If you need instruction or are a beginner at quilting crafts, Sears has quilt-making books that provide full instructions and patterns. We have many items for sewing crafts, including a wide range of quilting supplies that you can get delivered to your door. Order online for fast delivery service, or if you prefer to pick up your order at your nearest Sears store, we are happy to arrange for that as well.