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Use irons from Sears for better garment care

Irons have come a long way since they had to be placed in a fire to heat up. Modern electric steam irons are preferred by most people, because they work fast and are lightweight. Larger steam irons are commonly used for normal household garment care and pressing chores. A steam table will get heavy use in many commercial laundries. For travel, a small steam iron or a mini-iron will suffice. Garment care at home and on the run is very important. Your clothing will last longer and give you better wear when it is well taken care of. Repairs of clothing are made easy with needle and thread or use of a good sewing machine. A stitch in time really does save you time and your clothing! Shoe and clothing racks or valets are very useful at home for proper storage of accessories and garment care. When you need extra room to store clothing, use a tall cabinet with doors. You can hang clothing neatly and use the bottom shelf to store shoes or other accessories. Sears has many interesting ideas to help you care for clothing.

If you have ever admired a beautiful quilt, you should try making your own. Quilts have been passed along for generations as a personal family treasure. Many quilts are constructed of smaller squares where each depicts a segment of a family story. Others follow traditional patterns that have always been cherished. Sears has many craft books for you, including ones that instruct you on how to create beautiful sewn gifts. We have patterns and notions, sewing scissors, sewing accessories and machines to help you create your quilt. We have hundreds of sewing accessories, such as colorful threads, cotton batting, quilt frames and display racks. Our scissors collection is impressive, with sharp shears of all sizes, shapes and blade styles. The cutting edges of your sewing scissors should be kept very clean and sharp for best results, so we have sharpeners as well. Everything you need for this hobby, from sewing scissors to garment bags, can be found at Sears.

Once your sewing projects are completed, you will want to have all the products necessary to care for your garments, from steam irons to laundry starch. Sometimes it really is the little things that make the big difference when it comes to garment care. If you use too harsh a product on fabrics, you may find that clothing becomes weak or rips easily. Anti-static balls that contain no chemicals are a great item to toss into the dryer to help prevent static cling in fabrics. Eco-friendly detergents and softeners are a benefit to both the planet and your clothing; get that fresh smell you want and know you are using eco-friendly products that wont harm the environment. A crisp looking shirt can be produced when you have the help of a little laundry starch when you are ironing that garment. Spray starches are simple to use and also are earth friendly products. Sears is on top of everything you could want, with hundreds of reliable brand name products for taking care of your garments. Order for home or office delivery or pick up your order at any Sears store.

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