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      Create with sewing machine memory cards from Sears

      New advances in sewing technology take all of the hassle out of Embroidery. Many modern sewing machines have on-board electronics that allow them to store and read patterns, automating many of the most time-consuming tasks associated with the craft. With the right memory card, you can share project ideas with friends and family members, incorporate high-quality pictures in your designs and create unique gifts. Whether you're an embroidery professional or you're interested in picking up sewing as a hobby, memory cards and sticks can greatly improve your results.

      Pre-programmed sewing machine memory cards come with embroidery patterns that impart a professional touch to your work. Designer patterns give you more tools to express your creativity while cutting down on the time you spend painstakingly following patterns. You can also choose from a selection of blank memory cards to save designs from specialized embroidery programs and transfer them to your sewing machine. Sears carries affordable cards from SanDisk, Lexar and other notable manufacturers. Many of our memory cards can store hundreds of projects at once, giving you the freedom that you need to experiment with different colors and designs.

      Be sure to choose a memory card that will work with your sewing machine. Common sewing machine memory card formats include Memory Stick Pro Duo, SD and MicroSD. In addition to memory card readers, some sewing machines have built-in ports that can read data from USB flash drives. Some sewing machines only work with one type of memory card or USB device, so check your machine's manual before making a purchase.

      If you're ready to design your own patterns, Sewing Software Packages make the process much easier. Most programs work with all major sewing machine brands, and you can choose to save your designs to a memory card or transfer them directly to your machine via a USB cord. Optimize family photos and turn them into attractive clothing projects with programs from well-known names like Avid and Adobe. Some of our embroidery programs can also print custom CD sleeves and other specialized projects.

      To take care of your newly embroidered clothes, you'll need some gentle cleaning products. Our Special Laundry Care Products include appliances that can handle all types of garments without taking up much space in your home. Choose from laundry centers, all-in-one washer and dryer units and other specialty appliances. Sears also carries fabric cleaning products designed to safely clean embroidered and screen-printed clothing.

      Give your next sewing project a state-of-the-art touch. Shop with Sears today for the best selection of embroidery cards, blank memory sticks and other sewing accessories.


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