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      Embroider with ease using sewing software packages

      Advanced sewing machines are high-tech devices that use computerized control systems to sew patterns and designs. Most of these machines have computer chips and sewing machine memory cards that store large amounts of data. However, in order to bring all this hardware together, you will need to have the right sewing software packages.

      Software applications provide the interface that allows you to control sewing machines. The software allows you to run pre-programmed sewing routines that previously required much manual work. Installing these applications on your sewing machine is similar to installing programs on computers and mobile devices. You will typically use a packaged CD or download the application via your computer or other device using a USB or other port.

      One of the top-rated sewing software packages for Kenmore machines is the Kenmore Elite Customizer. The set includes a 16MB PC card, a PC adapter and two CDs filled with 182 designs. You need a Windows operating system to use this software. In addition to the included patterns, you can also import clip art designs from other sources.

      The advantages of these software systems come in the speed, precision and automation they provide in sewing embroidery and stitching patterns. The computerized system can perform even the most complex patterns with ease and with the same precision each time. Humans cannot match this type of exact consistency nor can they work with the speed of the computerized sewing system. However, you need to program the software so it runs to your specifications. As the seamstress or seamster, you make the ultimate creative decisions.

      While older, higher-end sewing machines had complicated switches and control panels, advanced software-controlled systems are much more user-friendly. A computerized machine can do tasks that previously would have taken multiple machines or very sophisticated systems. However, bug-free software application is needed to realize the advantages of advanced sewing machines. The software must have good features and a well-conceived design or users will have difficulty learning the system. Additionally, a well-written user manual and online guides will help users master the software application more readily.

      Sears carries a great selection of software packages for sewing and other projects. Find what you need with our search tool using keywords or item numbers. Narrow down your search results with the selections available in the left-hand sidebar. If you need help finding an item, chat with a Sears expert online or over the phone by clicking on the links provided on each product page. We offer free shipping for larger orders, and we run regular special offers for a wide variety of products. If you become a Shop Your Way MAX member, you can receive free shipping on all orders and, in some instances, you will qualify for free two-day shipping. Shop Sears today to find a great software package for your sewing machine.


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