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      Organize your craft room with sewing storage cases

      You're ready to begin your latest sewing project, but you can't start because your supplies are all over the place. Having your craft supplies organized is the first step toward stress-free creativity. Sewing storage cases are the perfect solution for storing all of your sewing tools. Whether it's additional presser feet for your favorite machine or extra bobbins, we have all the tools you need to make your next project a success. We carry sewing accessories like dress forms, scissors and oil to keep your sewing machine in prime condition. Do you need iron-on patches to give your child's tee shirt or jeans some cute flair? Maybe you're looking for functional items like safety pins or thread. We have those, too.

      Sewing books help keep your creative juices flowing with tons of inspiration for new projects. New sewers who don't know which end of a sewing machine is which can find basic instructions in books geared toward beginners. Sewers who've been at it for years will find plenty to love in advanced books that offer new spins on old techniques. Get ideas for Christmas sewing, vintage crafts, quilts and baby gifts. If you just bought a serger and need to know how to use it, we have books on that as well. Whether you want a book that teaches you how to make a variety of projects or you're looking for a book that shows you how to design a series of quilt blocks, you'll find it here. Go from beginner to advanced with the selection of books Sears offers.

      It's easy to get overwhelmed by craft supplies, especially if you're an avid sewer. The right sewing supplies storage can do wonders for keeping your stash organized. Binder storage is perfect for organizing patterns. Tote bags make it a breeze to carry small projects and fabric to classes and group sewing activities. Other storage solutions we offer include baskets, memo boxes and clear jars that allow you see what you have stored with a quick glance. Lightweight carry cases or small storage boxes will keep those notions within reach and well-organized.

      Your method for storing fabric may be unique. Maybe you're the type who needs your stash well-protected from light and pests. Large utility bins are a good choice for you. Simply store your fabric, secure the top and you don't have to worry that your stash will fade or get eaten. Perhaps you prefer to see all your colorful goodies. If so, a shelf-type system is a great solution. You can even organize by color or designer.

      Don't spend precious sewing time looking for your supplies. Instead, use our helpful storage solutions, and spend more time creating in an organized environment.


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