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      Computerized sewing machines make you a fashion designer

      Brother and Singer are just two of the names associated with computerized sewing machines. These useful tools are so easy to use that they turn you into a fashion designer even if you only have limited sewing experience. You can take affordable and compact computerized sewing machines on the road or set them up in your home on a more permanent hobby table. You only need to see the number of features you enjoy with these appliances to realize that this type of sewing is the way to go.

      Depending on the model, you may have the choice of at least 13 needle positions. There may be around 225 built-in stitches that you can adjust as needed for your project. Automatic needle threaders and tension control, buttonhole under-plates and frequently an expandable character memory are sure to make monograms and costume design easy for you. Enjoy the convenient availability of single-button operation for most tasks.

      In some cases, you also find some simple sewing functions with embroidery machines. If you are a purist who prefers to do embroidery by hand, there are stamped cross-stitch tablecloths as well as needles and floss. Of course, with the availability of machines that allow for pattern library expansions via USB ports, you are sure to give the affordable functionality of the computerized devices a closer look.

      Once you are finished with your sewing and embroidery projects, rely on specialty laundry care products for the future care of the garment or cloth item. Look for washing machines that feature specialty care cycles for knit and silk clothing. Another useful function to look for is the handwash designation. This gentle cycle is safe for most materials that feature a handmade component.

      It is a good idea to invest in machines that use high efficiency detergents. These types of detergents can wash your garments with a minimum of suds generation, which is a lot easier on the colorful dyes of embroidery and sewing threads. Washing your clothes in cold water also protects the fabrics and makes your garments last longer and look better. Even though the use of computerized sewing machines takes the difficulty out of making clothes and costumes, you still want them to last as long as possible.

      Sears offers a wide variety of these products. Choose from computerized sewing machines that have a limited number of features or pick out a model that offers a stunning array of functions. The latter is perfect if you are a hobby tailor who loves to create costumes, clothes and household items for personal use and as gifts. Buy your sewing machine today and do not forget to also stock up on the types of garment care products that will keep your handiwork looking great for months and years to come.


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