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      Discover the creative possibilities of electronic sewing machines

      With the right sewing machine, you can do everything from repair your family's clothing to undertake challenging craft projects. Electronic sewing machines make it simple to fix ripped jeans and missing buttons. They also have features for advanced stitches that make it possible to create and embroider clothing, make curtains and much more. Sears has electronic sewing machines with features that will help you achieve your goals.

      You don't need to be a sewing enthusiast to appreciate the variety of features that can be found on electronic sewing machines. Easy-to-read LED displays help you navigate the wide array of stitch functions available on these machines. Electronic machines help ensure that every stitch is made precisely and evenly. You can be confident that the clothing you repair with these machines will last. If you're new to sewing, these electronic machines can take the guesswork out of making simple garments and patterns. Common tasks that could seem daunting to do by hand like creating buttonholes can be completed in one automatic step with the options available on these machines.

      If you like to take on advanced sewing projects, an electronic machine has plenty of features to enhance any effort. Decorative stitches and embroidery options add detail to linens and garments. Our electronic machines have a variety of options so you can complete any task on one machine. You won't need to switch to an embroidery machine to add ornamental stitching and accents. Some electronic machines even have a full range of alphabet stitches so that you can make clean, precise monogrammed letters. If you're looking to expand your sewing horizons, these machines can help you get started on tougher challenges with their stress-free features.

      Electronic sewing machines include important accessories so you can start sewing right out of the box. A variety of needles suitable for any task are included with most machines. Multiple feet give you options for simplifying tasks like satin stitching or blind hemming. A top drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader save time and help prevent tedious jams from occurring. Expand your sewing horizons with additional tools and accessories like specialized tools for quilting, or dress forms that ensure your garments will have the perfect fit.

      Electronic sewing machines will help you expand your sewing repertoire. With the help of these machines' convenient features, you can take on more advanced tasks without feeling intimidated. Pick up an electric sewing machine and enjoy challenging and creative sewing projects.


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