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      Simplify embroidery and quilting with Sears sewing supplies

      There's no limit to the fancy sewing projects you can create when you have sewing supplies from Sears. We have all you need to complete even the most complex embroidery and other stitching projects. For a professional look to your work, our sergers allow you to trim, enclose and finish off seams, hems and decorative edging. You can easily stitch materials like lace or elastic to lingerie fabrics and finish edges and seams on knits and other woven materials with an overlock stitch using our serger machines. Seams are stretchable and very strong; sergers also can operate at an amazingly fast speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Some use up to five threads at once for complex overlock and chain stitches. Sergers cut the edges of your cloth as you work and then finish the seam with a decorative stitch. We stock many brand-name serger machines and regular sewing machines for you. Order for delivery or store pickup and start sewing.

      With our vast assortment of quilting and sewing how-to books, you can improve your sewing skills, and you will be able to enjoy many new sewing crafts. Embroidery, serging, quilting and other stitches are fun and easy to learn from these instruction books. Focus on one area, like quilting, or you can start with an all-purpose book that teaches you all about sewing from A to Z. There are many ideas for sewing crafts that you can use to make unique handsewn projects for your home or as gifts. If you want to learn how to use a serging machine, our instruction books can make that complex machine as easy to use as a regular sewing machine. Fancy needlework is still in demand and is an excellent hobby. Many quilting books include patterns, detailed instructions and photos. Even a beginner can create beautiful sewing projects with sewing books that are this easy to understand. In our collection, you can see which type of sewing project you want to begin with.

      For finding high quality quilting supplies, Sears is a bonanza for crafters. A soothing and relaxing hobby, quilting has long been a favorite craft and an excellent way to create heirloom gifts. We carry all the supplies you need to make beautiful quilt crafts, blankets, clothing and other projects. Use our sewing and quilting books to learn new or different techniques. Accessories are very helpful, and we have a vast number of these from scissors and shears to embroidery thread and quilt squares. If you need sewing tools, we have excellent brand-name sewing and serging machines, quilting frames, threads, notions and storage solutions. Sewing has always been a great way to have some fun while you are being artistic and creative. You can make an entire wardrobe. We have comfortable blankets and quilts, and you can make these and other gifts for friends when you have the right supplies on hand. Whatever project you want to do, you can find the sewing and quilting supplies you need at Sears. Order online and have all your quilting supplies delivered, or you can pick them up at your local Sears store.


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