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      Start up your creativity using mechanical sewing machines

      Step up to mechanical sewing machines and watch your sewing abilities increase with practice. With basic manual sewing machines, you have many options for speed, performance and reliability. You can do sewing tasks like making repairs, quilting and creating new garments faster with a sewing machine than by hand.. When you are ready for a bigger challenge, consider learning how to use one of our computerized sewing machines or sergers.

      Sewing machines are useful for much more than just creating clothing or decorative accessories for the house. Sewing machines are used by many crafters who want fast, accurate and even stitches on their projects. Singer sewing machines are known for their durability and ease of operation. With simple sewing tools and accessories, you can do many types of sewing, from making ruffles and gathers to repair work. Most come with an accessory kit of bobbins, needles and specialty attachments. Store your new sewing machine and tools conveniently in a Singer sewing machine cabinet.

      With these machines, you can take complete care of your wardrobe, from making new clothing to keeping your garments in excellent repair. Sears has these and many more time and money-saving appliances to outfit your home, office or business.


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