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      Start using basic mechanical sewing machines and more

      Step up to mechanical sewing machines and watch your sewing abilities increase in all areas of ability. With basic mechanical sewing machines, you have many options for speed, performance and reliability. You can do sewing tasks faster with a sewing machine than by hand sewing, like making repairs, quilting and creating new garments. When you are ready for more, consider learning how to use one of our computerized sewing machines or sergers. Serger machines are very interesting and do amazing work for you. They are perfect for special sewing and stitching jobs that require using multiple threads as in embroidery or finishing edging. Sergers work fast, making up to 1,300 stitches per minute with a two-needle system. With sergers, you can make special overlock stitching on seams or create stretchy ruffles. They are versatile and offer you many varieties of special stitching to use for your creative sewing projects.

      Sewing machines are useful for much more than just creating clothing or decorative accessories for the house. Sewing machines are used by many crafters who want fast, accurate and even stitches on their projects. Brother, Kenmore, Singer and other brands are known for their durability and ease of operation. With simple accessories, you can do many types of sewing, from making ruffles and gathering to repair work. Most come with an accessory kit of bobbins, needles and specialty attachments. Some of the newest computerized sewing machines and sergers let you sew multi-thread creations like embroidered pictures or patches and other fancy stitching. Modern sewing machines are lighter weight than previous models and small enough to carry anywhere. You may also want to order a nice sewing machine cabinet or work desk and storage cases to complete your sewing room.

      While you are saving money sewing your own wardrobe, take a good look at our self-powered washers. These are excellent money-savers and very eco-friendly machines. They use less water than traditional washing machines and no electricity. The award-winning Laundry POD is a low-priced manual washer that is perfect for small loads and delicates. It washes clothing and then extracts water in the spin cycle, so drying times are shorter. Its small size makes this unique self-powered washer just right for taking along when you go camping or traveling. This washer is a perfect gift for students to take along to college dorms or their new apartment.

      Mechanical sewing machines, sergers and self-powered washers are very useful small appliances that you can order from us online or when you visit our store. With these few machines, you can take complete care and control of your wardrobe, from making new clothing to keeping your garments clean. Sears has these and hundreds more time and money-saving appliances to outfit your home, office or business. Modernize your lifestyle now with appliances and accessories from Sears.


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