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Sew creative fashions with sergers and computerized machines

You can do some very creative sewing with sergers and computerized sewing machines. Sergers are very fast machines that can sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute with multiple needles. Options include auto-threading and various useful decorative stitches. Some serger sewing machines are computerized for even more versatility. Other types of computerized sewing machines can be programmed for embroidery and also may have multiple needle capacity. With easy operation, you will be amazed at how quickly you can master using these machines to create even complicated designs. There are affordable basic models even beginners or children can use. Advanced computerized sewing machines allow you to create almost anything you can imagine. Many have hundreds of built-in stitches for perfect installation of zippers or finishing attractive hems and buttonholes.

Embroidery machines use included software to follow popular patterns, or you can design your own. Hand embroidery projects can take days to complete, but with an embroidery sewing machine, you can finish crafts and sewing projects in a fraction of that time. Use included software to program your machine to sew traditional patterns or make up your own creative designs. Machines are light weight and portable, so you can enjoy taking your hobby along with you when desired. Our sewing machines have hundreds of built-in stitch patterns to use for making decorative quilts or perfect hems or buttonholes. Installing a zipper is simple when you have the right computerized sewing machine to use. You dont need to be an experienced sewer to use an embroidery machine; many are easy to learn and very affordable.

If you have a computerized sewing machine, you will want to add sewing software packages for more creativity. Machines have some basic software included, but we have many others for you when you are ready to try something new. These sewing software packages are easy to use and offer you many choices of design patterns. Create fun fashions for children that are decorated with licensed images like Sesame Street or Disney characters. Adults will appreciate garments that carry unique designs you create with clip art or other graphic images. Enjoy using hundreds of creative designs on projects you make with your computerized sewing machine. Just slip the CD into your computer and use a USB cable to download designs to your sewing machine. If you need a compatible USB cable, you can order one from Sears. Use sewing machine memory cards when you need to upgrade the memory capacity of your machine.

You can count on Sears to have the leading edge appliances you want for home or business use. Our sergers and computerized sewing machines bring that advantage to your sewing room. Come in to a nearby Sears if you prefer to pick up orders in person, or we can ship all items to your location.



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