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      Add clothing steamers to your laundry drying station

      If you have never used clothing steamers, it is probably time to take a look at what is available. These small laundry care appliances excel at removing wrinkles and keeping creases crisp and neat. Drying stations often include a steamer unit along with other laundry care accessories like irons, ironing boards and other laundry accessories like starch or fabric softeners. Sears has many different styles of drying stations for commercial and home use. Useful accessories to consider adding to your drying station include dryer racks and indoor clothesline devices, like a retractable clothesline. A flat drying mesh shelf is good for sweater drying and sizing. Store a fold-away laundry table or ironing board in your dryer station cabinet or closet until needed. Find these small appliances and more good solutions for every chore at Sears.

      Remember those big old style ironing boards from days gone past? There are sleek new stylish alternatives at Sears. Modern ironing boards have a new look and are smaller and less bulky. One style of a small hide-away ironing board cabinet is made from attractively finished maple wood. The lightweight fold-down metal mesh ironing board inside is ready to use in an instant. A new ironing board cover can make ironing easier on a new board or add life to an existing one. Our full-size ironing board from Whitney Designs has a steam iron rest for added convenience and safety. A compact portable ironing board can fit anywhere and travel along with you. Sears has many ironing board styles and sizes for you in stock and ready to ship.

      Another good product to have handy at your laundry care center is laundry starch. Ironing starch is a special type of starch product that is made to work while you are ironing. Liquid starches work well in the washing cycle, but there are times when you need to add a last minute touch of crispness to a shirt or other garment. Many starches are eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals. They can brighten colors and return white materials to their original whiteness, free of stains and spots. Travel-size cans are convenient to take along when you travel or to keep in your desk at work. We have hundreds of reliable name-brand laundry care products at Sears. You always can count on Sears to have a great selection of affordable and effective laundry detergents, fabric softeners, bleach and stain removal products in stock and ready to ship out to your location. Be sure to try something new with your next order from Sears; we deliver promptly.


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