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      Add healthy produce to your diet with blenders and juicers

      Blenders and juicers don't take up much room in your kitchen, but they can make a big impact in the way you prepare and create meals. Save money and prepare delicious juices with plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables at home with a juicer. Blenders are versatile appliances that you can use for making everything from margaritas to hummus. You can find the blender or juicer with the right features for your needs at Sears.

      Like many people today, you might be looking to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet so that you can get all their benefits like important nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It can be hard to find the right healthy recipes; if you end up without time to cook for a few days, your produce could spoil, wasting food and money. Juicers are a great option for adding fruits and vegetables to your diet even when time is short. These appliances deliver plenty of nutrients while removing excess pulp and tough plant fibers, so all kinds of vegetables can be added to your mixes. Store your creations in the refrigerator and have a meal or pick-me-up ready any time, instead of trying to find the time to use fresh produce in complex recipes.

      Like juicers, blenders can make plenty of healthy juices and smoothies out of fresh ingredients. They're also great for frozen favorites like milkshakes or frappes. You can also do much more than just make refreshing beverages with a blender. Our blenders have durable motors and blades and a variety of useful settings. Whether you're in the mood for a sweet or savory snack, your blender can handle the job, whipping up nut butters or hummus with the perfect consistency. You can even grind coffee beans so that your coffee maker is always stocked with fresh flavors.

      If you're a cooking enthusiast looking to try out some more challenging recipes, an immersion blender can add some creative options to your kitchen. These hand blenders are designed to stir a pot or other open container. They're ideal for blending soup ingredients simmering on the oven to a thick and even consistency. You can also make sauces, pesto and smoothies just like a typical blender. The handheld form factor means it will be easy to clean and even easier to store in an already cramped kitchen.

      Blenders and juicers are a great way to get healthy and save time in the kitchen. Enjoy fresh produce more easily, whether you're making refreshing juice blends or vegetable soups and dips. You'll discover plenty of great options with one of our blenders.


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