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      Warm up with great flavors from a breadmaker

      Breadmakers and waffle makers are a great way to save time and effort in the kitchen. Make evenly cooked waffles in one simple step, or add ingredients and let a breadmaker take care of the rest with a variety of settings and options to fit any recipe. Pick up one of these handy appliances at Sears and spend time enjoying meals with your family instead of struggling with difficult baking recipes.

      Preparing dough and baking bread in the oven is a time-consuming process, and unless you're a very experienced baker, you may end up with unexpected results from time to time. A bread machine will dramatically simplify the process. You and your family will enjoy high-quality bread every time, and you'll save time that would otherwise be spent watching the oven. All you need to do is add ingredients directly into the machine and select your setting. The machine takes care of making the dough and baking it to an even finish so you won't even need a mixer to make plenty of great recipes.

      While a breadmaker is a great value that conserves time and effort, you might be surprised at the wide range of foods you can also make in this appliance. Many machines have a dough setting that will mix your chosen ingredients into dough with just the right consistency. This is a great way to make dough for baking as individual rolls or bagels, or to whip up the perfect pasta or pizza dough. One unique recipe that is easy to make in a bread machine is homemade jam. The machine will consistently heat and stir the ingredients, shortcutting the drawn-out process of making jam in a sauce pan on the stovetop.

      Just like breadmakers, waffle makers save time during mornings in the kitchen. Choose from models that make regular waffles or thicker Belgian ones. Many of our models cook up four or more waffles at once, making them a great option to get breakfast on your family's plates faster. Some waffle makers have additional features that let you use them as a grill or griddle to make a variety of other dishes. You can even improvise many fun dishes in a traditional waffle iron like paninis and more.

      Pick up a breadmaker or waffle maker and save time in the kitchen. Not only will you have more time for other tasks, but these versatile appliances will help you cook up a variety of dishes from breakfast main courses to dinner sides. Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle at Sears.


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