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Energize your home or office with coffee and espresso makers

Whether you're looking for a quick pick-up as you run out the door in the morning, or you like to take the time to savor gourmet blends, you can find a coffee maker that fits your lifestyle. Single-cup machines use convenient pods to consistently make the perfect cup in minutes, or enjoy specialty beverages with a machine that can make espresso, cappuccino and more. You can find a coffee maker at Sears that will be the perfect fit for your home or office kitchen.

Single cup coffee makers are the latest way to enjoy a great cup of coffee anytime. These machines use individually packaged pods or cups containing just the right amount of coffee so that you'll get the same great cup every time. There's no prep time or extra supplies needed, and clean-up is as easy as removing the used plastic cup from the machine. If your family members prefer tea or hot chocolate to coffee, a single-cup coffee maker can help you skip the kettle, since there is a wide selection of pods available for beverages other than coffee.

If your family can easily go through cup after cup of coffee, a multi-cup drip coffee maker might be an ideal fit. These appliances include convenient features like automatic shut-off and programmable timers so that you can have a warm cup waiting first thing in the morning, or have a fresh pot waiting just as you finish cooking up breakfast on the griddle. This kind of coffee maker is also great for enthusiasts who love to try out new varieties of coffee. You'll have more control when you use a drip machine to customize the kinds of coffee beans you use and the way you grind them.

Save time and money by skipping a trip to the coffee shop and enjoying specialty coffee beverages any time you want. With espresso makers that include features for cappuccinos and lattes, everyone can enjoy their favorite specialty beverages right in the kitchen. An espresso machine in your office will impress guests and clients in the waiting room, or please all the coffee fans in the break room. At home, try pairing a latte machine with fresh pastries from a dessert maker for a gourmet breakfast or dessert.

A coffee or espresso maker can brighten up the office or kitchen as everyone enjoys their favorite kinds of coffee throughout the day. Discover the wide range of options and find the right coffee maker for your space.


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