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      Bring home fun for your kitchen with a deep fryer

      It's easy to entertain and create family favorites with a deep fryer. Make tasty snacks, sides and meals with fryers that have easy-to-use features. Pick up a dual basket fryer for larger jobs, or if your first priority is safety, try a cool-sided enclosed fryer. You'll be able to find the perfect option for your needs at Sears.

      If you're looking to expand your options in the kitchen, a compact fryer is a great way to start experimenting with fried recipes. These smaller appliances usually hold enough food to make a meal for one or sides for two. If you're taking a health-conscious approach to your home cooking, compact fryers help you keep portion sizes down, or make lighter fried fare like tempura vegetables. You could try accompanying a healthy roasted chicken from the rotisserie with lightly fried potatoes or vegetables.

      Impress your Thanksgiving guests with deep-fried turkey for a new take on a holiday classic. Frying a turkey in a pot can involve a lot of guesswork and cause dangerous oil splashes or even fires if mistakes are made. A turkey fryer is an enclosed appliance that eliminates safety issues. After adding oil and a turkey up to 14 pounds in size, all you have to do is wait for the timer and carve the turkey with a convenient electric knife. Turkey fryers have conventional cooking baskets so you can use them for large servings of all other types of fried food, making them a great idea for any entertainer.

      While a fryer lets you make plenty of crowd-pleasing foods at home, the traditional open basket fryer may not work for busy kitchens with a lot of foot traffic or small children running around. You can find a fryer with plenty of safety features that make it a practical option for the family kitchen. Locking lids prevent oil splatter, spills and burns, while a viewing window lets you check on the progress of your dish. Most models feature cool-touch sides so that nobody will accidentally brush against them and risk a burn. Along with other cool-sided appliances like slow cookers, you can create a safe environment for your family to spend time around the kitchen while dinner cooks.

      Deep fryers are easier to use than ever before. You can find plenty of options at Sears that will fit your lifestyle and your kitchen. Pick one up and enjoy new ideas for the kitchen.


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