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      Create snacks your family will love with a food dehydrator

      Not all food in your house will be eaten before its expiration date. Dehydrating food saves you from throwing out leftover groceries and will help you reduce food waste. Preserve your perishable foods with a dehydrator from Sears. In some warmer climates, a solar dehydrator allows you to harness the power of the sun to dry food, but for people in cool or unpredictable climates should consider an electric dehydrator for their home. Our selection includes both stackable and tray dehydrators to make dehydrating your food a quick and easy process.

      Dehydrators create snacks that are perfect for busy lifestyles. Make coffee in the morning with your coffee machine, grab your dried fruit and head out the door. Whether you love the sweet taste of dried fruit or the savory sensation of beef jerky, a food dehydrator is for you.

      Sneak fruit into your children's diet, create on-the-run snacks, and preserve leftover food with a dehydrator. Dehydrators allow you to make homemade snacks that are nutritious for your family. Even if you add your dehydrated fruits to your ice cream from your home's ice cream maker, you'll still enjoy a sweet, enjoyable and healthy dessert. Find all your must-have small kitchen appliances when you shop at Sears.


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