Electric Can Openers & Knives

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Open Cans Safely with Electric Can Openers

Electric can openers allow you to unseal cans of all sizes safely and with speed. Mess is minimal. These units hold cans securely, even to the last clip of the can top that may cause spills if you are using a hand-held opener. Your fingers are protected against sharp can top edges and cutters. Tall or large cans can also be easily opened with many models that are designed just for that purpose. Electric can openers are a must for every kitchen, and they make a very thoughtful gift item. Consider getting one of our small kitchen appliance bundles that includes an electric can opener. This is the best way to save on all purchases while you set up a kitchen that is fun to use. Combine small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders and small microwaves with accessories like measuring cups, filters and serving platters. Choose one of our small kitchen appliance bundles or create your own collection.

The popularity of our ethnic cooking appliances shows that cooks enjoy creating menus featuring foods from different cultures. The best way to make an authentic ethnic meal is by using appliances that are made for those specialty items. Use the tortilla maker to quickly produce delicious homemade tortillas and then keep them warm for serving in our attractive tortilla warming basket. Pizza is another favorite in many households, but there is no better way to make your pizza at home than in a real pizza oven from Kenmore. If you are cooking Asian foods, you want to use a wok and accessories like a rice steamer and wooden spoon. Italian meals are more fun and delicious when you have made the pasta yourself with a real pasta rolling machine. You can count on Sears to have the special cooking machines and accessories you need to make authentic ethnic dishes.

If you have never used a meat grinder or slicer, you should get one. These are the best appliances for making beautiful sandwiches and meals something really special. Meat grinders can be used for shredding raw cuts of poultry or meat for burgers, chili, stews and other dishes. Slicers give you customized perfect slices of meat, poultry, veggies or bread. Together, these machines bring you a tremendous ability to create new and exciting dishes quickly and safely, despite sharp edges. Our name brand meat grinders and meat slicers have special safety features like finger guards, food carriers and pusher tools to help protect you from cuts. Blades are removable and easily cleaned after use. You can use meat grinders to make sausages, meat spreads, dips and other tasty foods at home. Slicers will slice thin to thick cuts or shred foods quickly and with more safety than using sharp knives to do the same task.

Sears has many brand name meat grinders and meat slicers to choose from, in addition to thousands of other small kitchen appliances. Shop Sears today for your small kitchen appliance needs and have them delivered quickly to your location.



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