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      Simplify your kitchen with electric can openers and knives

      Make your basic kitchen tasks even easier with electric can openers and electric knives. Electric can openers smoothly open cans, leaving an even edge that won't cut you while you pour or scoop out the can's contents. These attractive appliances accent your countertop with colors and styles to match your decor, so you always have a can opener close by when you're preparing meals. When it comes time for holiday celebrations, electric knives make carving easy, ensuring evenly cut portions for everyone at the table.

      Electric can openers are a major upgrade from the traditional hand-cranked can opener. Many models are designed to sit on the countertop, so you won't need to search through drawers to find a misplaced opener. With a sleek profile and great color options, it will look great and you'll always have it on hand to open a few cans of vegetables or beans and get started on some delicious chili in your slow cooker.

      Electric can openers not only eliminate the tedium of manually opening cans, they also make the process much safer. Magnets latch on to the lid of the can securely and then remove it, leaving smoothed edges that prevent cuts. You can even open up pop-top style cans that would otherwise pull open with a sharp edge. These countertop can openers are tall enough to accommodate larger cans like juice, so you can get frozen juice concentrates and other ingredients into your blender even faster to prepare refreshing drinks. Most models also have added features to handle some other essential kitchen tasks, like bottle openers and knife sharpeners.

      While you can keep your standard knife set in great shape with the sharpener on a countertop can opener, you'll probably need something a little tougher for serving large portions of turkey, roasts, or ham to your guests at holidays and dinner parties. Electric knives make it easy to carve smoothly through meats and bread, and safety locks prevent accidental activation when you're done. Older relatives that still like to carve the turkey at holiday gatherings can do so without straining their hands and wrists. After you've prepared a juicy poultry dish in the rotisserie, you'll want to be sure your portions come out even and look great. An electric knife will help you serve up smoothly carved slices every time.

      Electric knives and can openers make some of the most basic kitchen tasks stress-free. With these reliable appliances, you'll always be able to safely and quickly open up cans and carve perfect portions. Find the right electric can openers or knives for your kitchen at Sears.


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