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      Just like your coffee maker your mixer should be a staple home appliance in your kitchen. Sears has a selection of high-quality mixers so finding the best stand mixer or hand mixer for your home is easy. A stand mixer keeps the bowl in place while it whips up the ingredients for your recipes but takes up a significant amount of counter space or room in your cabinets. Hand mixers can be easily stowed away in a drawer due to their compact nature and fulfill basic mixing tasks in the kitchen. Determine your needs in the kitchen to find the right mixer for you.

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      Find the best stand mixer or hand mixer for your kitchen from Sears

      Whether you're a professional chef or pretend to be one at home, mixers can quicken any cooking or baking process. Best of all, depending if it's a stand mixer or hand mixer, the bowl and attachments are in the dishwasher safe. Finding the best stand mixer or hand mixer for your home will help fully incorporate ingredients and give your arms a break during meal prep.

      Hand mixers can help whisk eggs, combine ingredients for pancakes into a smooth batter or turn boiled potatoes into a creamy mashed mixture. With just a hand mixer and mixing bowl, the electric mixer can speed up the mixing process while giving you an even consistency to your food. From whisks and beaters to dough hooks and blending rods, there are a number of different attachments hand mixers have too, utilizing their small size to do big things.

      To find the best stand mixer for your home, consider what you'll use it for. Stand mixer attachments, including pasta presses, rollers and cutters, fruit strainers, grain mills and meat grinders, can offer more versatility in the kitchen. Stand mixers can power through almost any tedious cooking task, just plug it in and attach the appropriate accessory. No matter what type of mixer you want for your home, find your new favorite appliance at Sears.


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