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Kick-Start the Party with Small Appliances for Entertaining

If you want to kick-start your party off right, then consider small appliances for entertaining your guests. Sears offers a variety of small party favors and devices that increase the enjoyment of your house or office party. Recreate the smell and atmosphere of the cinema with your own Nostalgia Electrics popcorn and concession cart. Enjoy homemade sugary treats with a cotton candy machine, and indulge with the Sephra Elite stainless steel chocolate fountain, which also doubles as a fondue station.

Countertop microwaves come in handy whether you need to defrost meat or cook popcorn for your guests. Depending on the amount of counter space you have, you want a microwave that fits conveniently in place but doesn't take up unnecessary room. A 2.0-cubic-foot Kenmore Elite microwave measures 19 inches in depth, so it works well for smaller countertops. Microwaves also come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your stainless steel appliances or to match with your red oven mitts. Look for a countertop microwave with enough wattage to cook your foods thoroughly, such as the Kenmore pizza maker and microwave combo. It features over 1,000 watts and includes defrost and multi-cook settings.

Using a sandwich grill helps you prepare numerous food items in a hurry for your guests. In addition to grilling sandwiches, you can use the grill to cook chicken strips, steaks and kabobs. Unlike traditional ovens, the sandwich grill heats the food from the top and bottom plates. These plates press tightly against the food, cooking it more evenly and at a quicker rate. George Foreman grills comes in both small and large countertop sizes that fit conveniently next to your microwave.

Enjoy the flavor of rotisserie chicken at home with your own Ronco rotisseries and Nuwave roasters. Avoid grilling out in the cold on football game day, and use the countertop rotisserie to cook two chickens at once. Using Ronco as an example, the Showtime 5500 Series includes a carving platform, and it features precision rotating speed and air-vent positioning. The rotisserie offers enough space to cook two chickens or a 15-pound turkey. You can also use the rotisserie to cook vegetables and burgers. For smaller meals at home, petite rotisseries let you prepare hot dogs and hamburgers in only 15 minutes.

Consider sandwich grills, rotisserie ovens and other small appliances for entertaining friends and family at your next get-together. Pop your own popcorn with a vintage Movie Time maker, or brew your own beer at home to try out on your friends. Shop Sears for even more kitchen appliances and useful accessories for your next party.


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