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Food processors can take on almost any culinary challenge

Open up the possibilities of your kitchen with a new food processor. These versatile appliances are a great addition to your kitchen whether you're a beginner or a skilled chef. They're a great way to cut out the time-consuming process of dicing vegetables, and they handle many other tasks like grating cheese or mixing dough. Find models at Sears that fit your kitchen perfectly, whether you're looking for a small appliance to chop up a few cups of food, or one with a large bowl to help prepare a family meal. You're sure to discover plenty of uses for your food processor in any recipe.

If you often find yourself short on time when it comes to preparing dinner, food processors can help cut out prep time and get meals on the table faster. They're great as vegetable choppers, and can help you get ingredients diced up and ready for all kinds of dishes. If you love ethnic cooking, a food processor can help you slice up vegetables for a healthy stir fry, or mix up great-tasting fresh salsa in minutes. These appliances can handle tougher foods like nuts and beans so you can finely chop ingredients for pesto, or puree all your favorite flavors in a smooth hummus.

Food processors can handle more than just slicing. Some models come with a special dough blade that lets you stir up dough or batter for bread, pasta, and pastries. This is a great option if you don't feel that you have space for a large stand mixer in a smaller kitchen. You'll get all the benefits of evenly mixed dough while enjoying the other features and possibilities of the food processor.

When you're done using your food processor, the blades and bowl easily disassemble and are dishwasher-safe for convenient and quick clean-up. Some larger models include an extra mini bowl that can be used for smaller jobs. If you typically prepare meals for one or two, a smaller 3 or 4 cup model makes just enough for smaller recipes and saves space in smaller kitchens and apartments. Combine it with a slow cooker and you'll be able to make all kinds of dishes without a lot of bulky appliances.

Food processors open up possibilities for your kitchen. You'll be inspired to try out exciting new recipes as you save time on the tedious aspects of food preparation. Find the best models for your home at Sears today.

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