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Heat up great meals for the whole family on griddles and grills

Cook up classic meals for everyone with griddles and grills. You can fry up eggs and bacon for breakfast on an electric griddle. Try to make burgers that taste like they came right off of the outdoor grill, or put together great toasted sandwiches using a panini press. With non-stick surfaces, these appliances are easy to cook on and clean. Find a convenient griddle or grill and enjoy great meals with your family at Sears.

Electric griddles and skillets are one of the most convenient ways to feed your whole family. With their large surface, you'll be able to cook up a complete breakfast with pancakes, eggs and bacon for everyone in your family. You won't have to cook smaller portions separately or wait for a large pan to heat. The griddle gives you an even temperature across a large non-stick surface, and it wipes clean in minutes when you're done cooking. It's also great for more than just breakfast. There's plenty of room for you to cook up a full dinner and sides, like fish or chicken with vegetables.

If you're an outdoor grilling enthusiast but don't want to wait for ideal temperatures to enjoy all your favorites, consider an electric grill. These appliances are available in a variety of sizes to suit smaller apartments or hold enough for a large family gathering. Most models are angled to drain excess grease into a drip tray, making this an even healthier grilling method for burgers and poultry than the outdoor charcoal grill without losing any flavor. With grilling plates on the top and bottom, your food will be heated to perfection quickly. These plates can be removed for easy washing, and in some models, even swapped out with other optional parts for different kinds of cooking.

Make delicious lunches and dinners with a specialized panini press. These appliances are similar to electric grills, but with extra room between the upper and lower plates for sandwiches piled high with ingredients. Make enjoyable lunches and dinners with creative sandwich recipes grilled to perfection on these appliances. You can even try using your own homemade breadmaker to build sandwiches. You can also heat flatbreads and thin quesadillas just as effectively, and or make some of the same great grilled vegetables, kebabs, and other dishes that are possible on a typical electric grill. Nonstick plates mean you won't have to interrupt a fun and relaxing dinner for extensive cleaning.

Griddles, grills, and panini presses help you make every meal from breakfast to dinner fun and unique. Shop for the best appliance for your home at Sears.


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