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Make creative, healthy meals with meat slicers and grinders

If you want to do more with fresh meat and leftovers in your kitchen, slicers and meat grinders are the perfect way to create healthy meals and ingredients. You'll know exactly what's in your ground meat and sausage with a grinder; also, a slicer will let you prepare everything from thinly-sliced lunch meat to perfect cuts of steak. Browse the options available at Sears and find the right appliance to expand your kitchen's possibilities.

If you're concerned about the freshness or safety of store-bought ground meats, a home meat grinder can bring you peace of mind. When you buy fresh meat and prepare it for grinding by slicing it into small cubes, you can decide exactly what will go into your grinder. You can remove gristle and reduce the amount of fat for healthy cooking. You can even make your own blends by combining different cuts or types of meat. Try a mix of beef and pork for delicious and juicy burgers. Cook it on an electric grill that drains excess grease for a lighter version of a family favorite dish.

Add a sausage attachment, or pick up a grinder with one already included so you can make flavorful homemade sausage. Just like making ground meat at home, you'll know exactly what goes into your recipe so you can feel confident it's safe for your family. You can use your own meats from the grinder and the spices of your choice to make the right flavors for any meal. If you enjoy ethnic cooking, try creating a spicy chorizo for Mexican dishes, or create your own unique recipe for a hearty breakfast sausage to start your family's day out right.

If you enjoy having fresh cold cuts, you can skip the deli when you have your own meat slicer. Leftover pot roasts can be turned into thin flavorful slices for a sandwich with a fresh-made taste. You can slice up some cheese for sandwiches as needed, and have the rest of the block available for grating or other uses. The mechanical blade does most of the work for you, making these slicers great for people with arthritis or repetitive strain injuries. You don't need to exert a lot of pressure to slice, unlike using a knife. Use a vacuum sealer to store freshly sliced lunchmeat so you can enjoy it throughout the week.

Slicers and meat grinders are great for those that want more control over their fresh ingredients. You'll feel confident that you're serving healthy and safe food to your family when you use fresh ingredients prepared at home. Shop Sears today for slicers and meat grinders for your kitchen.


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