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      Classic meals are made simple with rotisseries and roasters

      It can be difficult to get the traditional holiday turkey just right. Oven roasting can take hours to complete, adding a lot of stress to the schedule on an already busy day. It's easy to dry out the meat in the oven, and you're rushed to get side dishes in once the main course is done. Roasters and rotisseries ensure quick, even cooking and tender results every time. Browse the selection at Sears to find a great option for your kitchen.

      The rotisserie method is an excellent way to prepare tender, juicy chicken for your family. You don't need any additional oils or butters and a drip pan catches excess grease, so it's a healthy option that also tastes great. Home rotisserie appliances make it easy to get the great taste you've experienced with deli or restaurant rotisserie chicken in your own kitchen. Even if you're cooking just for one or two, you can store the extra for additional meals or use a meat slicer to carve up the leftovers for sandwiches that are much more flavorful and healthy than store-bought lunch meat.

      Similar to slow cookers, roasters are a great way to make a set-and-forget meal that will cook to perfection while you focus on other things. One unique feature of these roasters is the wide internal rack which lets you lay out a full meal in one appliance. Try placing vegetables in the roaster with your main dish for a quick and tasty home-style meal. You can also remove the rack and heat up dishes like soup or chili. The roaster will give you plenty of room to feed a whole family gathering with recipes like these.

      Save time when you're entertaining at home with a roaster. You'll free up the range as a juicy pot roast or poultry dish warms in your roaster so your kitchen will run much more efficiently. The oven will be free for baking up a side casserole, and you can stir up perfect mashed potatoes or soups on your cooktop while the rotisserie takes care of the biggest task for you. The roaster will keep your main course warm while you wrap up preparation, so you can focus on other things like preparing a creative dessert.

      Pick up a rotisserie or roaster to make homemade favorites a snap to prepare. Start enjoying the extra freedom you'll have around the kitchen with these convenient appliances from Sears.


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