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Make Your Own Burger with Meat Grinders

You don't have to visit the deli or butcher shop to have fresh beef or a turkey burger. Sears gives you access to meat grinders and professional slicers for use in your own home. With a Panasonic meat grinder, you can buy large cuts of meat and grind them down to a fine burger. Consider additional attachments for creating homemade sausage. Whether you own a restaurant or enjoy grinding meat in your kitchen, Sears has durable stainless steel appliances to assist with your culinary projects.

Electric can openers also make your kitchen tasks much easier. Don't fumble with a manual can opener; use the Kenmore electric can opener to open soup, tuna and more. Electric can openers remove the lid cleanly and easily without leaving behind jagged edges that cut your fingers. Along with an electric can opener, consider a Black & Decker jar opener for removing lids off spaghetti sauce and jams with ease. An electric can opener takes up very little counter space, and you can opt for can openers that mount beneath the top cabinets.

While meat grinders and can openers reduce your food prep time, a sandwich grill lets you cook multiple sandwiches at once. The George Foreman cooks burgers and chicken, and you can even use it to grill vegetables and cheese steaks. The sandwich grill cooks multiple food items at once, so it reduces the amount of appliances you have to use when preparing your meals. With a Kenmore 120-square-inch grill, create everything from burgers to kabobs indoors. Since sandwich grills come in stainless steel and solid colors, they complement your existing kitchen appliances and decor.

Complete your culinary workspace with additional specialty kitchen appliances like brew dispensers and Nuwave ovens. The Nuwave oven provides over 1,500 watts of power to roast, bake or steam your food quicker than a traditional oven. It also uses less energy, saving you money as you cook. Make homemade soda with the Soda Stream starter kit, and enjoy popcorn any time of day with the Great Northern popcorn machine. The Brew Express coffee system makes up to 10 cups of coffee at once, and you can enjoy fat-free desserts with the Euro-Cuisine yogurt maker. Whether you want to create dehydrated snacks or make ice cream, specialty appliances give you the freedom to make your favorite foods in your own home.

You save money when you use meat grinders to make your own burger. Invest in sandwich grills to cook multiple food items for your family, and consider specialty appliances to create your own ice cream. Look to Sears for the largest selection of kitchen appliances and household products for your home.



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